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Active – Absence from work
Buying back lost pension

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Step 4

Enter the details of your absence

Enter the last day of your absence in Q.6. The 30 day override option should only be used if you are applying within 30 days of returning to work from child related leave or authorised unpaid leave (your employer can also agree to extend the 30 day limit).

You can then choose to pay by regular payment or by lump sum (Q.7). If you choose to pay by regular payment the amount must be more than £10 per month or £2.50 per week, if it is less than this you will need to pay as a lump sum. Due to the amounts involved most absences are likely to be paid by APC lump sum only.

If you are electing to pay by regular payments you can choose to make your payments over as many whole years as you wish up to your normal retirement date (Q.8). If you are less than a year from your normal retirement date you must pay by lump sum. Select your pay frequency in Q.9, if you are paid fortnightly or 4 weekly select weekly and multiply the weekly payment by the number of weeks that you work.

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