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How much do I pay?

What contributions do I pay?

The contributions you pay are now based on your actual pensionable pay. If you’re paid non-contractual overtime you’ll pay contributions on this too.

See the table below for your contribution rate.

Member contribution rate table from April 2018

Pay Contribution rate
Up to £14,100 5.5%
£14,101 to £22,000 5.8%
£22,001 to £35,700 6.5%
£35,701 to £45,200 6.8%
£45,201 to £63,100 8.5%
£63,101 to £89,400 9.9%
£89,401 to £105,200 10.5%
£105,201 to £157,800 11.4%
£157,801 or more 12.5%

Deciding your rate

Each April, your employer will decide your contribution rate by matching your actual pensionable pay to the appropriate band in the table above. The bands will increase every year by CPI.

If you have more than one job, your rate will be decided separately for each job you have.

If your pay changes during the year, your employer may decide to review your contribution rate. If this results in a change to your contribution rate, they will let you know. You have the right to appeal against the contribution rate they set.

You will continue to receive tax relief on your pension contributions. To achieve this, your contributions are deducted from your pay before you pay tax.

Examples of what members pay

Job Annual pensionable pay Gross monthly contribution rate Actual contribution after tax relief (if you pay tax)
Full-time teaching assistant £14,200 5.8% (£68.63) 4.64% (£54.90)
Part-time refuse collector £9,000 5.5% (£41.25) 4.4% (£33.00)
Full-time Head of Department £72,000 9.9% (594.00) 5.94% (£356.40)

LGPS 2014 contribution calculator

How much will you pay in contributions in the new scheme?

To use the calculator you will need to input the following details:

  • your pay for the next scheme year (which runs from 1 April to 31 March), and
  • how often you are paid (either weekly or monthly), and
  • the section of the scheme you are in (You will be in the main section unless you choose to pay less in the 50/50 section).

Go to the calulator (external link)