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Quality policy and objectives

  • We will provide an efficient and effective service to all our scheme members by responding quickly to requests for information and advice.
  • We will provide an efficient and effective service to all beneficiaries i.e. current pensioners, dependants and deferred members and receivers of early leavers benefits by paying correct benefits on time.
  • We will provide an efficient and effective service to all employers whose employees participate towards pension schemes administered by WYPF by responding quickly to requests for information, advice and training and by providing detailed guidance on the implications of any new legislation affecting the scheme.
  • We will seek to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and our service by reviewing the needs and expectations of our customers and our quality policy through regular Management Reviews.
  • Our quality objectives are detailed in the Performance Indicators document. The indicators are reviewed regularly at Management Review.
  • The aim of this Quality Manual is to describe the systems for controlling WYPF’s activities so these objectives are met and for controlling the requirements of the quality system standard ISO 9001:2015 in managing these activities.
  • All appropriate personnel shall follow the relevant methods defined in this manual, procedures and working instructions. If they find these methods prove to be unworkable, inefficient or inadequate they are responsible for raising this issue with their immediate manager and the Technical & Development Manager.
  • We will provide adequate training opportunities and facilities, and hold regular performance appraisals for all members of staff.
  • The Technical & Development Manager is the Management representative for quality and is responsible for the administration for the quality system described. This includes identifying any quality problems and initiating the necessary action that will correct and prevent them from recurring. The Technical & Development Manager is also responsible for verifying that any change in method is satisfactorily implemented and effective.
  • The quality system is under the constant surveillance of the Technical & Development Manager to ensure compliance to the standard, to maintain the effectiveness of WYPF Quality Management System and to seek improvements in quality.


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Rodney Barton (Director of WYPF)

Date: November 2018