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Joining West Yorkshire, Lincolnshire or Hounslow Pension Fund

If you’re an academy or a free school

If you’ve become an academy, or set up a free school, please contact us first (see details below) to find out how to apply to join.

If you’re a contractor or other organisation

You’ll need to set up an admission agreement before your employees can join the Local Government Pension Scheme. If you’re a contractor for an employer who’s letting the contract, they must be party to the agreement.

Click here for some brief information about who can join the pension scheme the financial implications of joining. If after reading the information you want to apply please complete the application form.

Need further information or help?

To make sure your application to join us is as smooth as possible we have a dedicated team to help you. You can contact them on 01274 434526 or email: pensions@wypf.org.uk