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Normal pension age

What is my normal pension age?

Your normal pension age is the age you can retire and take the pension you have built up in full.

Pension built up before April 2014

For pension you built up before April 2014 there’s a protected normal pension age of 65 (except for a very small number of members with an earlier protected age of 60). The protection means that if you draw your pension at your protected normal pension age, you’ll get the pension you built up in the scheme before 1 April 2014 in full.

For the pension you build up from 1 April 2014, your normal pension age is the same as your state pension age (but with a minimum of age 65).

What is my state pension age?

Use the government’s state pension age calculator to find out your state pension age. Note that the calculator doesn’t include proposed changes to state pension age.

If your state pension age changes in the future, your normal pension age for the benefits you build up from 1 April 2014 will also change to match.