About the scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a statutory Scheme, which means that the scheme rules are issued by parliament and have the force of law. This legal status makes it a very secure pension scheme.

Your pension scheme at a glance
Build up rate of 1/49th of your pay a year
Revalued yearly by Treasury order
Build up rate for survivor benefits 1/160th
Pensions in payment inflation protected
What pay counts towards my pension? Actual pay including overtime, and additional hours if you’re part time
Can I reduce my contributions? You can temporarily pay 50% contributions to get 50% pension
What’s my normal pension age? Your state pension age
Can I trade pension for lump sum? Equal to the individual member's State Pension Age
Can I trade pension for lump sum? Yes – get £12 lump sum for every £1 pension you trade
What death grant is paid if I die ‘in service’? A lump sum of at least three times your pensionable pay
How is my pension enhanced if I retire because of ill health? Depends if it’s tier 1, 2 or 3...
  1. Enhancement to normal pension age, or
  2. 25% enhancement to normal pension age, or
  3. Temporary payment of pension for up to three years
How long do I have to pay in to be entitled to a pension? Two years
How long can I pay into the pension scheme? Up to age 75