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Final pay

Your final year’s pay when you leave the LGPS will still be used to work out your benefits built up before 1 April 2014. This means that any future pay increases will be included in the final pay used to work out these benefits.

The definition of final pay for benefits built up before April 2014 remains the same as it was before the Scheme changed. Your final pay is normally the pay in respect of your final year of scheme membership on which you paid contributions, or one of the previous 2 years if this is higher. This remains so from April 2014.

In addition if your pay is reduced, or increases to your pay are restricted in your last 10 years of continuous employment with your employer, you continue to have the option to have all your pre April 2014 membership based on the average of any 3 consecutive years’ pay in the last 13 years (ending on a 31 March).

If you have a certificate of protection which was issued by your employer for a reduction or restriction in pay beyond your control before 1 April 2008 and you leave the LGPS within 10 years of the reduction or restriction, then this protection continues to apply after April 2014 for benefits built up in the final salary scheme.