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Pre 1 April 2014 membership

All of the membership you build up in the Scheme before April 2014 will be used to calculate your benefits in the final salary scheme. Only the membership you build up from April 2014 onwards is calculated under the rules of the new career average scheme.


A member retires at his Normal Pension Age in 2017 with a total of 16 years’service. The first 7 years were built up before 31 March 2008, the next 6 yearsfrom 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2014 and the last 3 years in the new scheme from 1 April 2014. His final pensionable pay figure is £15,320. His career average LGPS 2014 pension is £933.67.

This is how the member's total benefits will be calculated:

Built up before 31 March 2008    
7 years membership Pension (7/80 x £15,320) £1,340.50
  Automatic Lump Sum (3 x 7/80 x £15,320) £4,021.50
1 April 2008 to 31 March 2014    
6 years membership Pension (6/60 x £15,320) £1,532.00
LGPS 2014    
3 years membership CARE Pension £933.67


The member's total LGPS pension benefits (adding together the three pension amounts) is £3,806.17 'plus' an automatic lump sum of £4,021.50.

He could increase the amount of benefit he will take as a tax free cash lump sum by exchanging pension to a maximum of £17,748.40 which would leave him with an annual pension of £2,662.26 (assuming he has no other pension savings).