Employer Portal and Monthly Return Portal information

Introduction to the portals 

Brief explanation on what the two portals are for

Guidance notes

Notes explaining the secure portal accounts, the types of contacts we need and the forms employers have to complete to authorise access for their staff and payroll provider

Main contact registration form

Form for employers to nominate their main users

Authorised employer user list

Form for employers to nominate additional users

Authorised payroll user list

Form for employers to nominate additional users at payroll providers

Secure administration – user agreement

Agreement that must be signed by a user in order to obtain a personal username and password

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the use of the secure portals

Contact forms in word format

Main contact registration form

Authorised payroll user list

Authorised employer user list

Secure administration – user agreement

Employer portal

Log in to the employer portal here

Employer portal manual
Guide to using the employer portal

Monthly return portal

Log into the monthly return portal here

Introduction to monthly contributions 

Monthly contributions manual 
Guide to using the monthly return portal and spreadsheet

Instructions for completing your monthly return 

Download a blank monthly return spreadsheet here 

Guide to exception reports 
What are exception reports and why are they so important

Video guide to exception reports

Contributions bands 
The contribution rates for members

Payment information

Late payments 
Information on action that can be taken if employers don’t make payments on time

Payment methods 

Paying over 'extra' contributions 

Annual pension statement queries

Worktray manual -Pension statements 
Guide to using the work trays within the employer portal to answer queries relating to information needed for annual pension statements for members