Firefighters 2006 scheme – Active 

Authority-initiated early retirement pension

Authority-initiated early retirement pension

This would be payable to a firefighter who has sufficient service to qualify for a pension, who has reached age 55 but not age 60, and whose fire and rescue authority have determined that he/she should be retired in the interests of the economical, effective and efficient management of their functions. The basic formula is used, i.e.

annual pension = 1/60 x pensionable service x final pensionable pay

For example, a firefighter aged 55 who has completed 10 years' pensionable service and whose final pensionable pay is £27,000 would receive immediate payment of pension of –

10/60 x £27,000 = £4,500 a year

There would be no reduction of the pension to take account of the fact that it is being paid early (the authority would meet the cost of early payment).

Part of the annual pension can be commuted to provide a lump sum if the firefighter wishes.