Firefighters RDS modified scheme

Age retirement pension

Age retirement pension

This award would be payable to a firefighter who has sufficient service to qualify for a pension and who retires at or after 55. The age retirement pension formula for a special firefighter member is

annual pension = 1/45 x pensionable service x final pensionable pay

If, in line with the explanation of pensionable service and final pensionable pay given above, a special firefighter member who has served for 25 calendar years has been credited with 14.6047 years of pensionable service by reference to retained earnings and the pensionable earnings of a regular firefighter in a similar role, and assuming that at the date at which the retained firefighter retires with entitlement to an age retirement pension, a regular firefighter in a similar role would have final pensionable pay of £30,000, the assessment of the special firefighter member's pension would be:

14.6047/45 x £30,000 = £9,736.47 a year

Part of the annual pension can be commuted to provide a lump sum if the firefighter wishes.