Firefighters RDS modified scheme

What about previous pension rights?

On joining as a special firefighter member, there are various options for transferring pension rights from other pension arrangements in order that you may be able to increase your pensionable service as a special member. You would have the option, like standard members, of transferring pension rights from some other suitable pension arrangement.

Additionally, if you have existing service in FPS 1992 you may be eligible to transfer it into the modified FPS 2006. Or if you have pensionable service in FPS 2006 as a standard member you would be able to convert it to special pensionable service.

You should note that there is a 30 year limit on the amount of pensionable service that you can count in the assessment of benefits in the modified Scheme even if the total of your special service exceeds this at the time of retirement.

Information about your transfer options would have been given to you by the fire and rescue authority when told of your right to join the modified FPS 2006. There are very strict time limits in which to request a transfer. If you are uncertain of your position, get in touch with the authority's pensions administrator.

If you do have pension rights in some other arrangement but have lost contact with the administrators, the Department for Work and Pensions offer a Pension Tracing Service. All pension schemes have to be registered with them and the Tracing Service can help pension holders and/or their dependants trace "lost" pension rights. They can be contacted at:

The Pension Service 9, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton WV98 1LU

Tel: 0845 6002 537 Website: