Firefighters 2015 scheme - Active 

Transfer in

Can I transfer pension rights from other schemes into the FPS 2015?

A transfer can be accepted from another registered pension scheme (approved by HM Revenue & Customs) or a European pensions institution. But a transfer cannot be accepted in respect of pension credit rights awarded as part of a Pension Sharing Order.

Don’t delay – you could lose out!

A transfer usually buys more if it is fully completed within a year of you joining the FPS 2015. And if you decide not to look into a transfer now, your employer or your former pension scheme might not allow it at all later on.

The FPS 2015 is a club scheme

Club schemes (mainly public sector schemes) have a special arrangement that means the transfer credit your transfer buys closely matches the benefits you built up in your former scheme. But a transfer can only be dealt with on a ‘club basis’ if you elect to go ahead within a year of joining the FPS 2015. If you don’t, a transfer can only proceed on a ‘non club basis’ and will probably buy a greatly reduced transfer credit.

Think carefully

Don’t make your mind up about transferring now. The best time to make your decision is when we tell you how much pension the transfer would buy for you.

What do I need to do?

The six steps to a transfer

  1. You ask for a transfer quote (PDF form). Fill in part A and send it to your previous pension provider)
  2. You send the quote to us
  3. We send you a quote of what the transfer would buy for you in the FPS 2015
  4. You let us know if you want to go ahead
  5. Your previous pension scheme pays the transfer value to us
  6. We update your pension scheme record and tell you what the transfer has bought for you in the FPS 2015

Read How to transfer your previous pension rights into the FPS 2015 (factsheet PDF) for more information