Pensioner - All about my pension

Dependants death benefit


Retired on or before 31 March 2008


Spouse's pension

When you die, your husband, wife, civil partner, or next of kin must tell us immediately. (A civil partner is someone who has entered into a formal arrangement, known as a civil partnership, with a same sex partner).

After your death, your husband, wife or civil partner would receive a pension. Your spouse's pension will be paid for life and will increase each April in line with the rate of inflation.

Please note: If you are female and your last day at work was before 6th April 1988 then there would not be a spouse’s pension or a civil partner’s pension payable in the event of your death.

Children's pension

After your death, a pension will be paid to any of your dependent children.

Definition of a child

  • they are under age 18 or ;
  • are over age 18 but under 23 and in full time education or vocational training and have been since they were 18 or ;
  • are over age 18 and have been physically or mentally impaired since before age 18. (By physically or mentally impaired we mean that an Independent Registered Medical Practitioner believes that due to the child's physical or mental impairment there is no possibility of them being able to engage in gainful employment).

Children’s pensions will increase each April in line with the rate of inflation.