Pensioner - All about my pension

When do I get my pension?

When do I get my first payment?

If you return your pension claim form before you finish work and you’re due a tax-free lump sum, we aim to pay your lump sum three working days after your last day at work, though the payment can take a few days to clear at your bank or building society. If you return the form afteryou finish work, we aim to pay your lump sum within three working days of getting your form.

We’ll start paying your monthly pension from the first available pay date after you retire, or the first available date after we get your claim form if that’s later.

We usually pay West Yorkshire pensioners on the 16th of the month and Lincolnshire pensioners on the 23rd. But if those days are on a weekend or bank holiday, we’ll pay you a day or two earlier. See the table below for future pay dates.

Hounslow pensioners are usually paid on the 25th of each month by Liberata and not WYPF. If you have any questions about your pension payment you should contact Liberata.

If you’re due any pension arrears, we’ll include them with your first monthly payment. If you have AVCs and you’re using them to buy LGPS benefits, we might delay your monthly pension until we get your AVC funds.

When do I get my pension each month?


West Yorkshire Pension Fund: 2019/2020

Tuesday 16/04/2019
Thursday 16/05/2019
Friday 14/06/2019
Tuesday 16/07/2019
Friday 16/08/2019
Monday 16/09/2019
Wednesday 16/10/2019
Friday 15/11/2019
Monday 16/12/2019
Thursday 16/01/2020
Friday 14/02/2020
Monday 16/03/2020

Lincolnshire Pension Fund: 2019/2020

Tuesday 23/04/2019
Thursday 23/05/2019
Friday 21/06/2019
Tuesday 23/07/2019
Friday 23/08/2019
Monday 23/09/2019
Wednesday 23/10/2019
Friday 22/11/2019
Monday 23/12/2019
Thursday 23/01/2020
Friday 21/02/2020
Monday 23/03/2020