Pensioner - All about my pension

Pension increase

2022's 3.1% increase to pensions is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on 30 September in the previous year. The government’s Pensions Increase (Review) order tells public-sector pension schemes like ours how much we should increase pensions by.

The increase is due from 11 April 2022 and you'll normally get the increase if

  • you are over 55
  • you retired because of ill health, or
  • you get a spouse's, partner's or child's pension.

How do we work out the increase?

If you get the increase, your April pension advice will show your new pension amounts for April and May. We adjust your April pension for the 10 days we pay your April pension at the old rate.


We've based our example on a pension of £200 per month. With the full increase, the new monthly pension will be £206.20 per month. So the March, April and May pensions in this example will be as follows. We've shown here in detail how we work out the April pension

March £200.00  
April £204.13  
Old monthly amount £200.00  
Plus the increase  £6.20 (£200 x 3.1%)
Less the adjustment for the 10 days before we increase the pension on 11th April – £2.07  
Total April pension £204.13  
May £206.20  


If you retired part way through 2021/2 you won’t get the full increase straightaway. You’ll start to get the full increase from 2023.